Safeguard and Comply of Environmental Laws, Regulations, Pollution Control Ordinance, etc.
 The following are some types that the related executors use as a basis to establish and maintain environmental control systems, ensure the effectiveness of such control, compliance with ISO 14001 standards and environmental laws, also continue to seek improvements.
 1. Inquire international and national laws of regulations, use these documents as current articles and continue to update company standards to meet law requirements.
 2. Focus on environmental expectation and promises in client purchase orders, and use them as regulation.
 3. Establish “Environmental Regulation Control Procedures” to record any environmental related processes and polices that are suitable to corporate activities, their products and services; also be constantly on alert for new laws and events.
 4. Make all related departments and their members clearly understand their distinctive roles in achieving the environmental goals.
Energy and Resources Conservation
 By recording the resource usage within factories, it will bring to effective management control, and make employees to come in accordance, also increase utilization efficiency. Below are some examples:
 1. Electricity, oil, and water are the main resources used in this company. Record and calculate the quantity monthly, take usage measurement to use as statistic in making adjustments.
 2. Should make an effort to use recycled products for related packaging or administrative materials. Any wastes should also be recycled.
 Improvement in lndustrial Pollution Preventive Processes
 Establish “Environment Influence Grading and Identification of Control Procedures”, and effective control large discharge of contaminated materials that are harmful to the environment. Adopt procedures to reduce pollution, consider operation processes that produce less pollution. Materials and products should be reused and recycled, production improvement to efficiently conserve energy or use alternative materials to prevent pollution.
Educate and Introduce to Employees about Environmental Management
 1. Indicate the interconnection and authority of each department in the group duties and environmental control plan.
 2. Hold meetings and open forum on a regular or random basis to increase communication, understand the environmental changes and improvement, and work together to achieve the goals.
 3. Educate and promote related environmental laws and systems, use this as the work standard to follow.
Regularly Measure the Implementation Success and Continue for Improvement
 Form environmental management plans, set environmental management procedures along with long and short-term goals. Processes or events that might affect the environment should be planned in detail, and measure its success on a regular basis, to ensure positive environmental management. This includes the following:
 1. Organize long and short-term environmental management goals, in parallel with the environmental management plan, especially goals involving pollution prevention and promises.
 2. To seek enhancement to long and short-term goals, not only in meeting the regulation standards, but to improve and reach above the standards, also effectively handle the pollution.